Co-Ed Fred tournaments are open to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a regular member of our league.

To register your team, please email

2017-2018 Tournament Calendar

Date Format Venue Registration Closing Date Cost per Team
Oct. 28, 2017 Regular ESA Oct. 23, 2017 $120
Nov. 25, 2017 Superstar* TBD Nov. 20, 2017 $120
Jan. 27, 2018 Regular ESA Jan. 22, 2018 $120
Feb. 24, 2018 Superstar* ESA Feb. 12, 2018 $120
April 28, 2018 Regular ESA April 23, 2018 $120

*A Superstar tournament is played on two courts – one with a net at men’s height and the other with a net at women’s height. In the former, the men hit in the front row and the women play defence in the back row. In the latter, it is the opposite. Usually one of the men in the back row acts as a setter for the women hitting on his team and vice versa (one of the women in the back row sets for the men hitting on her team).