Open schedule as a PDF


Superstar format rules (Nov. 10 matches only)

All Co-Ed Fred rules apply with the exception of those outlined below.

  • One court has net set at women’s height, other court at men’s height.
  • Each match is two sets to 21 points (max 25 points) – you play one set on the women’s height net and your second set on the men’s height net.
  • Men cannot play front row on the women’s net.
  • Women can play front court on the men’s net (in case of injury) but, must play that position for the whole set.
  • There are no positional faults. Players may be in any position on the court during service and you do not need to rotate (except everyone must still serve). For example: Whoever is playing front row power can stay in that position the entire set. When it’s their turn to serve, they would serve from behind the service line like normal then run up to their front row position.
  • Substitutions: Sub freely.
  • Men may not jump serve on a women’s height net.
  • Back row attacks by men on the women’s height net are only permitted if the male player puts an upward trajectory (arc) on the ball (i.e., a roll shot)