Player Eligibility

  • All players must be at least 18 years of age.
  • No CIS university (or higher) male players are allowed to play in Tier 2 (Co-ed/Men).
  • Although players are able to play in 2 categories (Men / Co-ed & Women / Co-ed), a player cannot play for more than one team in the same category (Co-ed, Men’s or Women’s). A Player can only play in one Co-ed/Men/Women division during the tournament.
  • Teams must have a min of three and a max of 4 players on the court at all times.
  • Co-ed teams can only have a max of 2 men on the court at any time.
  • Only registered players are able to participate in the tournament. All teams must submit their final players list including any potential substitutions by the end of registration. No additions or changes will be allowed after that point. (Saturday at close of registration @ noon)
  • Players will not be permitted to play if they have not signed a waiver.

Rules of Play

  • No tipping or volleying over the net.
  • A player is allowed to receive a serve with a volley.
  • Absolutely no touching the net allowed.
  • Serves can not be blocked. Blocks do not count as a hit in normal play.
  • Any part of your body may be used to keep the ball in play.

Match Play

  • All games are rally point to 21. You do not need to win by 2. Round robin matches for all pools are 2 games with the exception of Co-Ed Division J, Men’s Division D and Women’s Division F. These divisions play 3 games.
  • Team captains are to report the scores to their court representative.
  • Teams are responsible to make calls, please be vigilant; Only team captains are to dispute calls or discuss issues with court reps.
  • 1st game forfeited after 5 min and the match after 10 min.  We will follow this closely!!!
  • Matches are to start at the scheduled start time or immediately after the previous match during delays. No on court warm ups will be allowed. Teams are encouraged to warm up off the court before the end of the previous match. Captains should check with court reps shortly before their match time to confirm to the official that your team is ready to jump on the court next.

Determining Playoffs

  • The playoff schedule will be posted as it is available.
  • Quarterfinals are 2 games and semis and finals are best of three (3rd game is to 15). Again, you do not need to win by 2.
  • The final positions within the round robin will be determined by the total number of points accumulated by each team. The top team will be the one with the most points and so on. If two or more teams are equal in points, the next determining factor will be the total wins and losses between the tied teams. If still tied, the record from the match of the tied teams. The next determining factor will be their total points for/points against. Finally, if none of the above methods are able to determine the final positions, a coin toss will be used.
  • Points in a pool of 4 teams will be multiplied by 12/8 to compare against a pool of 5 teams.
  • Points in a pool of 6 teams will be multiplied by 12/15 to compare against a pool of 5 teams.
  • In case of an equal split in the playoffs – a short rally point game to 5 will be played.


  • Absolutely no outside alcohol is to be present and/or consumed onsite at our courts. Security will be in effect and participants and/or spectators will be asked to leave/ejected from the tournament for violation of this. Co-ed Fred has a liquor license for the event as outdoor liquor is normally not allowed, and we must respect this.
  • Due to weather or other delays, matches may have to be rescheduled.