COVID-19 Guidelines


  1. A maximum of four (4) teams and eight (8) people per team are permitted in the gym at one time.
  2. Only league participants are allowed in the building; friends, family members and other spectators are not permitted in the building.
  3. Only one person at a time will be authorized to access the storage room and must be accompanied by the reception attendant.  
  4. Teams will only play against one other team each week to limit contact. 
  5. The gym court divider curtain must remain down throughout league play to ensure separation between the two courts. 
  6. Co-Ed Fred will provide hand sanitizer and ball cleaning supplies for use by participants.
  7. Only one league game ball will be provided per court. 
  8. Score flip boards will not be used; teams must keep track of scores verbally throughout the match.
  9. The league schedule will include a 15-minute transition period between each match; match end times will be strictly enforced to prevent crossover between teams.
  10. Locker rooms and water fountain will not be available.


  1. Prior to entering the gym each week, all participants must complete a self-assessment and verbally acknowledge they are symptom-free, adhering to travel guidelines, and healthy to participate. 
  2. If a participant is showing symptoms they must leave the gym immediately and follow public health instructions. Only individuals who are healthy, with no signs or symptoms of illness, will be allowed to participate.
  3. Participants must abide by GNB’s requirements & restrictions for travelling outside of Atlantic Canada.


  1. Each week, all participants must sign a tracking sheet before entering the gym, providing their: name, phone number and email. 
  2. Once the final match is finished, the tracking sheet will then be provided to the centre communautaire office and, if necessary, used by public health to contact participants. 
  3. In the event a league participant is diagnosed with COVID-19, the league will collaborate with public health to provide information for contract tracing. 


All participants must follow the appropriate personal hygiene guidelines as recommended by Public Health. 

Before their match, teams/participants must:

  1. Stay home if they are showing symptoms of illness.
  2. Arrive as close as possible to their scheduled start time (no more than 5 minutes before).
  3. Wear a mask and practice social distancing (i.e. keep 2 meters apart) upon entering the building and gym until they are on the court. 
  4. Wear a mask while in the equipment room.
  5. Wash or sanitize their hands upon entering the gym (hand sanitizer provided by the league will be available at gym entrance).
  6. Arrive dressed and ready to play with a full water bottle.

During play, teams/participants must:

  1. Avoid touching their face.
  2. Sneeze/cough into their elbow.
  3. Practice physical distancing between sets.
  4. Wash or sanitize their hands between sets (hand sanitizer provided by the league will be available near courts).
  5. Avoid unnecessary physical contact such as handshaking, high-fives and hugs.
  6. Not share water bottles, towels or other personal items. 
  7. Stay on their designated court for the duration of their time in the gym.
  8. Use their foot to return a volleyball to the court on the other side of the curtain if necessary.
  9. Ensure match play has ended by scheduled designated match end time.

After play, teams/participants must:

  1. Thoroughly wipe down the game ball for the next match using cleaning supplies provided by the league.
  2. Wash or sanitize their hands thoroughly.
  3. Wear a mask and practice social distancing (i.e. keep 2 meters apart) upon leaving the court and until they have exited the building. 
  4. Leave the gym and building within 5 minutes of their match end time.